• Mix of chimney sweeping powder of basis ammonium chloride, metal salts and wood saw-dust
  • Box of 1 paper wrapped log
  • A guarantee use without contact with the chemical products because the log remains in its wrapping
  • Use : Destruction per catalysis of soot, green cullet, tar and bistre. Decreasing of chimney open fires and improving of output.
  • Allows to treat residues due to the burning of 10 wood steres.
  • The mechanical chimney sweeping is compulsory 1 to 2 times/year depending on the local rules.
  • The chemical chimney sweeping is an essential additional for a real safety. It allows to clean the pipe areas which are unattainable for chimney brushes. It allows to treat green cullet which is a black and vitrified residue which resists to brush action
  • The sentence « harmful for aquatic organisms, inducing long lasting harmful effects » is linked to a risk of industrial quantity spillage in watering places and in sea and non linked to the individual use in chimney.
  • A clean pipe allows to achieve until 30% fuel savings and decreases polluting emissions.
  • Wood coming from France
  • Made in France



For all pipes! Even for stainless steel

Best fire performance !

Ready to use !

Less chimney odour !
Dangerous. Respect preautions of use.

Annual chimney sweeping
Giant Matches 28cm
Extra-long Matches 17cm